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There is only one choice for the basement insulation company in Worcester, MA — 5C Energy Inc. Since 2013, our insulation techs have been helping our neighbors with insulation. And we want to help you too! Give us a call or contact us online using this website.

Certified Insulation Techs

When you need crawl space insulation in Worcester, MA, you need a team that is fully certified to place all types of insulation.

Proven Results

Since 2013, our insulation techs have been providing exceptional insulation installs.


For Every Insulation Need

5C Energy Inc. provides every insulation service you could ever need. 

Nobody Can Match Our Prices

Nobody can beat our prices for basement insulation in Worcester, MA!

Explaining the 5C Energy Insulation Process

Our approach always starts with a visual assessment of your basement and crawl spaces. Then, we match our findings with the insulation choice that will provide the best coverage and R-value.  

Staying In Front of the Competition with the Latest Technology

Our insulation techs complete training on the newest insulation options and techniques. With 5C Energy Inc., you know that we’ll be using the best of the best to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  

The Area’s Best Service at the Best Prices

Why do so many people turn to us for crawl space insulation in Worcester, MA? It’s because nobody can beat our customer service or the prices we present for our work. Honestly, you can’t beat it!

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The Insulation Process – What You Should Expect from 5C Energy Inc.

Basements and crawl spaces let too much air pass through. That’s why the 5C Energy Inc. insulation techs create a barrier that minimizes heat transfer and blocks moisture. Quality insulation improves indoor temperature and reduces the risk of mold infestations.


Before the 5C Energy Inc. insulation techs begin, we clean and dry the area and remove any debris that could get in the way.  

Insulation Application

Next, we apply the high-tech spray foam insulation. This type of insulation comes in two forms — open-cell and closed-cell. 

Open-cell is lighter and cheaper but offers less resistance to moisture, while closed-cell is denser and provides the best R-value and water resistance. 

After the foam is sprayed, it expands to fill gaps and cracks.


The spray foam insulation to cure and harden. Our insulation techs will make sure there is plenty of ventilation and will set up fans if needed. Remember, the curing time can vary due to many factors like weather and the type of insulation we used.

Inspection for Quality

5C Energy Inc. inspects everything we do — more than once! We check to make sure the seal is complete. The surface should be firm and even, with no soft spots or cracks. 

Finishing Touches 

Depending on local building codes and your preferences, we might apply a fire-retardant paint or barrier over the foam insulation for added safety. Our insulation techs will let you know if fire-retardant is required in your area based on your local building codes. 

We never recommend trying to DIY crawl space insulation in Worcester, MA. It really is something that should be left to the people who are experienced in it. 

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Don’t Forget About Insulating Crawl Spaces and Basements

We get it — people overlook basements and crawl spaces when it comes to home insulation. However, these areas are prime for heat loss.

And here are the real facts: heat loss through your basement and crawl spaces accounts for up to 25% of your home’s total heat loss. That means big-time increases in your energy bills. 

This happens because these areas cover large surface areas that are usually exposed to the outside.

5C Energy Inc. understands these challenges. That’s why we provide crawl space insulation in Worcester, MA. 

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Air Tight Seal

Stop airflow from penetrating or leaving your basement or crawl space with an air tight barrier created by spray foam.

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Save on Your Utility Bill

Ready to save on your energy costs? Our basement & crawl space insulation company can help you save hundreds of dollars every year!

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Protect Your Property

Basement and crawl space insulation keep moisture and weather out, protecting your home from mildew and mold.

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Durable Insulation Solutions

You need an insulation solution that lasts. Fiberglass, cellulose, and advanced spray foam insulation for your basement and crawl space will provide protection for years.

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Trust 5C Energy Inc. for Your Insulation Needs

We use only the best insulation materials. While basement insulation in Worcester, MA, saves you a ton on your energy bills, it also prevents moisture issues. 

5C Energy Inc. stands for superior workmanship and unmatched customer service. To learn more, call our office today or contact us online using this website.

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