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Are you searching for a home insulation company in Boston? 5C Energy, Inc. (formerly called Affordable Building & Weatherization, Inc.) provides exceptional insulation services in Boston, MA, since 2013. Our local technicians boast years of experience and knowledge. To explore the insulation options provided by 5C Energy, Inc., call our office today. You can also schedule a consultation using this website.

Local Team

Our insulation technicians are local to the Boston area and pioneers in the field. As Boston’s top insulation company, we provide services six days a week.

Top-Rated in Boston

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Boston spray foam insulation company guarantees you will love our service.

Highly-Trained Insulation Experts

Our insulation experts have provided services to over 3,500 homes and businesses throughout the Boston metro region and are responsible for over $19M in energy cost savings.

The streets of Boston, lined with insulated houses

Boston’s leader in insulation services

The 5C Energy Inc. team offers Boston homeowners and businesses with top insulation services. Our trusted local technicians have placed insulation in over 3,500 properties. 

Our home insulation company is the top in the area because we offer superior products. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you choose 5C Energy Inc. for your business or home insulation needs or your money back. We won’t leave your property until you are satisfied with our work. No matter the weather conditions, our quality insulation will keep your property comfortable all year. 

We are a locally-owned Boston insulation company and are proud of the services we offer. Because our insulation technicians are from the area, we are your friends and neighbors. 5C Energy Inc. provides honest estimates and assessments and always does the job correctly the first time.

Why Boston residents request insulation services from 5C Energy Inc.

Here are some reasons to choose 5C Energy Inc. as your home insulation company.

We are local

5C Energy Inc. loves calling Boston home. Our team is a proud part of the community. Providing top insulation services is what makes our jobs enjoyable and worth doing.

Superior insulation saves Boston residents money on utility costs

Boston experiences sweltering summers and cold and snowy winters. Because the city is located in a climate of weather extremes, quality insulation is essential. 

To keep your home or business comfortable, we offer several insulation options. Quality insulation also limits outside noises or the sounds of traffic. 

You’ll also love our environmentally-friendly insulation options. Furthermore, quality insulation eases the workload for your HVAC system, reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money.

What insulation services does 5C Energy Inc. offer?

We offer these services to Boston area residents and business owners:A technician installs spray foam insulation services in Boston

Home Insulation Options

We have insulation options for homes of all sizes, including cabins, townhomes, condos, and more. Read More

Business Insulation Options

Businesses in Boston can rely on our local technicians for their commercial insulation requirements. We offer services to retail stores, hospitals, and much more. Read More

Spray Foam Insulation

We use spray foam to create airtight barriers. This insulation option never loses its shape or sags. Read More

Attic & Exterior Wall Insulation

Significant surface area is located along the exterior walls and attic on your property. Therefore, you must insulate these areas. Read More

Basement & Crawl Space Insulation

Ensure your home’s complete energy efficiency with our specialized basement and crawl space insulation services. Our technicians provide tailored solutions to prevent heat loss, moisture buildup, and enhance overall comfort. Contact us today to experience improved energy savings and home comfort. Read More

Vapor Barriers

Our insulation technicians use vapor barriers to keep water and moisture from entering your property. If you are dealing with mold or mildew issues, contact our office today.

Air Sealing

Gaps and holes allow outside air to penetrate your home. Air sealing can save money on your utility bills because your HVAC system won’t be overworked.

Blown In Cellulose

Many residents in the Boston area are searching for environmentally-friendly insulation. Blown in cellulose fits the bill. It offers optimal R-value and is made from 85% recycled paper. 

blown in cellulose insulation services

Tight Seal

Stop airflow from penetrating or leaving your home with an air tight barrier created by spray foam.

A nest thermostat in a home

Reduce Your Utility Bill

Ready to save on your energy costs? Our attic and wall insulation company can help you save hundreds of dollars every year!

Drenching June summer rain storm downpour pounding and splattering water on a grimy old backyard clapboard siding shed roof.

Protect Your Home

Attic and wall insulation keep moisture and weather out, protecting your home from mildew and mold.

A worker installing blown in cellulose insulation in an attic

Durable Solutions

You need an insulation solution that lasts. Fiberglass, cellulose, and advanced spray foam insulation for your attic and walls will provide protection for years.

Free Boston Residential Insulation Estimate

Are you in need of insulation services? 5C Energy Inc. is the top home insulation company in the Boston area. Contact our office today or schedule your consultation online.