Massachusetts Insulation Tax Rebate

Did you know that Massachusetts offers many incentives and rebates for new insulation installation for homeowners and businesses? In fact, there is a good chance that you qualify. Unfortunately, not many people know about these Massachusetts insulation tax rebates. That’s why our team at 5C Energy Inc. (formerly known as Affordable Building & Weatherization, Inc.) wants to get the word out. Call our office today or reach out to our team online.

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Why quality insulation is essential

A woman puts a coin in a piggy bank, representing her Massachusetts insulation tax rebateBecause the weather in Massachusetts tends towards the extremes, quality insulation for homes and businesses is essential. The winters here are frigid, and the summers are hot and humid. That means a lack of quality insulation will translate into increased energy costs and utility bills.

What are some benefits of new insulation?

With insulation improvements to your home or business, you can save significant money on your energy costs. Beyond cost savings, here are some other benefits of new insulation:

Fewer drafts

Quality insulation fills cracks and holes in your walls or attic. Once these are filled, you’ll notice fewer drafts throughout your property. 

Control humidity

You know how uncomfortably humid the summers in Massachusetts can be. With new insulation, your home or business can keep that muggy air out. 

Reduce outside noise

If you live in a city, near an interstate, or next to an active rail line, you understand how noisy it can be. But with new insulation, you can reduce all those annoying outside noises and keep them from bothering you in your home.

Improve allergy symptoms

Are you someone who experiences allergy symptoms during the spring or fall? It could be due to pollen. But did you know that without quality insulation, pollen can easily enter your home and exacerbate your symptoms? Insulation improvements can block pollen and other allergens. 

Limit ice dams

Ice dams that form on rooftops are one of the most common reasons for damage to homes and businesses during winters in Massachusetts. They form after heavy snowfall on buildings with poor attic insulation. Too much heat is released through the roof, melting some of the snow and turning it into ice. When that happens, water backs up and freezes, forming more ice. At that point, the weight of the ice can damage or collapse the roof.

New insulation solves this issue by limiting the flow of warm air through your attic and along your roof. 

Are there incentives and rebates for new insulation?

Yes! We understand that new insulation can be expensive, and that’s why we want to highlight some of the incentives available to both homeowners and businesses. The programs are available for single family homes and 2-4 unit properties. Here are some of the details:

For air sealing, there is no cost. Your insulation incentive will be calculated according to a custom project and no-cost weatherization assessment provided during a no-cost insulation inspection.

With the incentives, many homeowners and businesses save up to 75% – 100% on eligible insulation and 100% on air sealing measures

Are there multiple MA insulation rebates?

Yes, there are several incentives to choose from. During your home energy assessment, you’ll learn more.

Some restrictions apply and offers are subject to change or cancellation. Visit for full details. 

Are you ready to see if you qualify for insulation incentives? It’s as easy as calling 5C Energy Inc. to learn more. Contact our team today by phone or using this website.


Ready to learn more about the Massachusetts insulation tax rebates?

Are you ready to see if you qualify for Massachusetts insulation rebates? It’s as easy as calling 5C Energy Inc. and scheduling a no-obligation consultation. Contact our team today by phone or using this website.