Vapor Barriers

Vapor barriers are typically installed to reduce dampness in homes, keeping them drier. A thin sheeting in a crawl space, for example, creates a divide between water and your home. Spread evenly across the soil and partway up the crawl space walls, it keeps water in the soil vs in the crawl space. At 5C Energy, we know crawl spaces well and can recommend the appropriate product to minimize dampness creating a dry home.

It’s our job to make sure that your musty crawl space is transformed into a clean, dry, and energy-efficient space. Most homeowners aren’t happy with their crawl space environment. And there’s a good reason for that–most crawl spaces don’t offer much to be smiling about. Typical crawl spaces are moldy, foul-smelling spaces that homeowners avoid at all costs. Many of them flood, and they’re often filled with debris. In more extreme cases, they can be rotting structures with rodents, animals, and other pests living within.

5C Energy, Inc. (formerly known as Affordable Building & Weatherization, Inc.) has been providing residential and commercial insulation solutions in Massachusetts and Rhode Island since 2013. No job is too large or too small for our team of accredited and certified professional energy contractors. We are committed to installing insulation correctly and efficiently. We will walk you through the benefits and differences of each type of insulation and insulation-related techniques that will help to save you money on heating and air conditioning bills. Our organization is committed to installing insulation correctly and efficiently and we accomplish this by only working with accredited and certified professional energy contractors. With over 25 certified installers, we currently run up to 8 jobs a day, 6 days a week.

A worker crawls under a house to install vapor barriers

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