Our Insulation Services

attic and exterior wall insulation services

Attic and Exterior Wall Insulation

Attic and exterior wall insulation is a key aspect of our insulation services. Installing the appropriate type and amount of insulation will help keep your home more comfortable year round. This is because attics and walls take up the largest surface area of your home. Therefore, they can be the greatest areas of heat loss in the winter and cooling loss in the summer. So, it’s easy to tell why insulating your exterior walls and attic can increase your comfort, lower energy usage and reduce utility costs. At 5C Energy Inc., we know where to use each insulating product to get the maximum R-value for your home. Check out our reviews from satisfied customers.

vapor barriers insulation services

Vapor Barriers

Homeowners typically install vapor barriers to reduce dampness in homes, keeping them drier. A thin sheeting in a crawl space, for example, creates a divide between water and your home. Spread evenly across the soil and partway up the crawl space walls, it keeps water in the soil vs. in the crawl space. At 5C Energy Inc., we know crawl spaces well and can recommend the appropriate product to minimize dampness creating a dry home.

air sealing insulation services

Air Sealing

Air sealing closes the many small holes and gaps in the attic and basement with foam. These holes and gaps are responsible for up to 30% of a homes heating and cooling costs, so air sealing closes these gaps before insulation is applied. Together, air sealing and insulation significantly increase the effectiveness of the thermal barrier. At 5C Energy Inc., we know how to combine air sealing and other insulation services to maximize your energy efficiency.

spray foam insulation services

Spray Foam

Closed Cell spray foam has a very high R-value and built-in air sealing qualities that make it a top pick for new construction and remodeling work. Also, spray foam reduces noise and resists mold growth and water damage. At 5C Energy Inc., we have years of experience successfully applying spray foam in various climates and locations.

blown in cellulose insulation services

Blown in Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose is considered “green” because it’s made of 80% post-consumer recycled newsprint. The fiber is chemically treated with non-toxic borate compounds (20% by weight) to resist fire, insects and mold. Luckily, blown in cellulose can be easily installed in any new or existing home. Therefore, it is popular in retrofit applications because existing wall finishes are not removed to install the insulation. Also, it is favored in attic applications because you can blow unrestricted depths of fiber to achieve deep coverage. Cellulose has a higher R-value than fiberglass, so it provides a better barrier to air leakage. At 5C Energy Inc., we apply blown in cellulose to walls and attic floors daily as part of our insulation services.