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Why is basement and crawl space insulation essential?
Basements and crawl spaces are often overlooked in home insulation, despite being significant sources of heat loss. That oversight can lead to less comfortable living conditions and inflated utility bills. Heat loss through the basement and crawl spaces can account for up to 20% of a home’s total heat loss. This is due to the large surface areas they cover, which are often left exposed to the outside. Moreover, these areas can become entry points for pests and external weather elements if left uninsulated or improperly insulated. 5C Energy Inc. understands these complexities and is here to ensure that your basements and crawl spaces are well insulated, increasing your home’s overall energy efficiency and comfort.
Our Comprehensive Approach to Insulation

Our services begin with a thorough assessment of your basement and crawl spaces, pinpointing areas of heat loss and potential moisture issues. Then, we recommend the best insulation solutions customized to your specific needs. As a reliable basement insulation company, our goal is to enhance your home’s comfort and energy efficiency while also reducing your environmental impact.

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Our team of insulation professionals stays up-to-date with the latest industry technologies and standards, ensuring we deliver the most effective and advanced insulation solutions to our clients. From residential basements to commercial crawl spaces, trust our team to handle the job.

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Choosing 5C Energy Inc. as your insulation contractor guarantees professional, efficient, and friendly service. We understand that insulation is an investment in your home or business, and we’re committed to helping you maximize the return on that investment. We offer competitive rates without compromising on service quality.

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How is Basement and Crawl Space Insulation Placed?

When insulating basements and crawl spaces, the goal is to create an effective barrier that minimizes the transfer of heat and blocks moisture entry. The process helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and also reduces the likelihood of mold growth, which thrives in damp and dark environments.

Spray foam insulation is a popular choice for basements and crawl spaces due to its high performance and versatility. Here’s how our team places it:


Before the insulation process starts, it’s essential to ensure the area is dry, clean, and free of debris. Any existing mold or moisture issues should be resolved to prevent potential complications after the insulation is in place.


Once the area is prepped, the spray foam insulation is applied. This type of insulation comes in two forms — open-cell and closed-cell. Open-cell is lighter and cheaper but offers less resistance to moisture, while closed-cell is denser and provides superior insulation and water resistance. The foam is sprayed into place using special equipment, and it expands upon application to fill gaps and cracks, providing a seamless insulating barrier.


After the application, the foam needs time to cure or harden. During this time, it’s essential to ensure good ventilation in the area. The curing time varies depending on the specific product used, the thickness of the application, and the environmental conditions.


Once the foam has fully cured, we will provide an inspection to ensure a comprehensive seal. The surface should be firm and even, with no soft spots or cracks. Our rigorous inspection process confirms the insulation layer achieves the required thickness and coverage, providing optimal thermal resistance and preventing moisture penetration. We’ll also take the opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have to ensure your complete understanding and satisfaction with the insulation process.


Depending on local building codes and your preferences, a fire-retardant paint or barrier might be applied over the foam insulation for additional safety.

This process effectively insulates basements and crawl spaces, but it’s essential to have this work done by a professional. Insulation placement requires special equipment and expertise to ensure safety and maximum effectiveness.

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Air Tight Seal

Stop airflow from penetrating or leaving your basement or crawl space with an air tight barrier created by spray foam.

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Save on Your Utility Bill

Ready to save on your energy costs? Our basement & crawl space insulation company can help you save hundreds of dollars every year!

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Protect Your Property

Basement and crawl space insulation keep moisture and weather out, protecting your home from mildew and mold.

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Durable Insulation Solutions

You need an insulation solution that lasts. Fiberglass, cellulose, and advanced spray foam insulation for your basement and crawl space will provide protection for years.

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