Rhode Island Insulation Tax Rebate

Did you know that Rhode Island is ranked in the top five of the most energy-efficient states? To continue that trend, the state offers several insulation rebates and incentives for businesses and homeowners. Here’s the best news: most people in Rhode Island qualify! To get the word out, our team at 5C Energy Inc. (formerly known as Affordable Building & Weatherization, Inc.) details everything you need to know below.

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Why you need quality insulation

A woman's hands around piles of coins and a toy house, representing her Rhode Island insulation tax rebate.The weather in Rhode Island can be extreme — the summers are hot, and the winters are frigid. And for those reasons, quality insulation is essential. Inadequate insulation will result in higher energy costs and utility bills.

What are a few advantages of brand-new insulation?

You can significantly reduce your energy bills by improving the insulation in your house or business. Here are some additional benefits of modern insulation beyond cost savings:

Reduce drafts

Once cracks and holes in your walls are filled with quality insulation, your property will be less drafty.

Regulate humidity

Quality insulation regulates the humidity during the Rhode Island summers, so the air in your home or business feels comfortable.

Limit outside noises

If you reside in a city, close to a highway, or near a railroad track, you are aware of how noisy it is. However, you can reduce those bothersome outside noises and keep them from affecting you inside your home or business with proper insulation.

Alleviate allergy symptoms

Do you have seasonal allergies that flare up in the spring or the fall? Pollen might be to blame. But did you know that pollen can easily enter your home and aggravate your symptoms if there is poor insulation? Fortunately, pollen and other allergies can be blocked with improved insulation.

Reduce ice dams

A frequent cause of damage to homes and businesses in Rhode Island is ice dams that form on rooftops. They develop after significant snowfall on structures with inadequate attic insulation. Too much heat leaks through the roof, melting the snow and converting it into ice. As a result, water pools and freezes, creating more ice. The weight of the ice can damage or collapse the roof.

New insulation resolves this issue by restricting the movement of warm air through your attic and along your roof.

Are there any Rhode Island Energy insulation tax rebates or incentives?

Yes! In this section, we want to highlight the many insulation incentives offered to Rhode Island Energy residential and business customers. Although new insulation can be expensive, it shouldn’t be a barrier to making your property energy-efficient. Two programs in Rhode Island are the Rhode Island Energy EnergyWise Program for residents and for businesses the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

These programs offer home energy assessments along with various rebate programs. 

It all begins with 5C Energy Inc., where our friendly intake team helps you fill out a form to start the process. 

Rhode Island Energy insulation rebates

There are over 18 energy-efficiency rebate programs in Rhode Island. Here are a few of them:

  • Efficiency improvements at 0% financing
  • Energy-efficiency new home construction support
  • Incentives for ENERGY-STAR Certified air conditioners and dehumidifiers

Click the following link for the entire list of rebates

We acknowledge that some of this information may be confusing. Call our office and chat with a helpful staff member to obtain additional information.


Ready to learn more about the Rhode Island Energy insulation incentives?

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