Blown in Cellulose

Blown in cellulose insulation is a good investment that will keep your home energy-efficient. Cellulose insulation consists of tiny pieces of recycled paper, which consist of 85% recycled newspaper. Small pieces of paper are fiberized so they can be densely packed to prevent airflow. It can effectively fit around obstacles like recessed light fixtures. Having insulation that can be custom-fit means better performance, effectively holding in heat during the winter and keeping out heat during the summer. Once the material is collected, it is treated with non-hazardous chemicals such as the mineral borate that works as flame retardants and resists pests and mold.

This “green” insulation is environmentally friendly, is made of 80-85% recycled newsprint, and it provides an R-Value of 3.8 per inch. The fiber is chemically treated with non-toxic borate compounds (20% by weight) to resist fire, insects and mold. Blown in cellulose can be installed in new or existing homes. It is popular in retrofit applications because existing wall finishes are not removed to install the insulation. It is favored in attic applications because you can blow unrestricted depths of fiber to achieve deep coverage. Cellulose has a higher R-value than fiberglass, is green and provides a better barrier to air leakage. At 5C Energy, we apply blown in cellulose to walls and attic floors daily.

Many companies advertise that they will add “inches of insulation” to homeowners’ attics to achieve energy efficiency, which is very misleading. We actually calculate the amount of insulation necessary to achieve maximum energy efficiency based on your home’s square footage, the amount of insulation currently in your attic, and the desired R-Value. As such, this calculation is individualized for every home. We densely pack our insulation in both new and existing homes, which provides a monolithic (unified, no voids or gaps) block. Dense packing takes the guesswork out of the installation process, as every space that can hold insulation has insulation, ensuring that every inch is utilized to provide the maximum R-Value.

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